Ridged Nails? No Worries!

Are you experiencing ridges in fingernails? If you're still trying to find natural remedies to reduce ridges, we're here to help!  While ridges in nails can be quite embarrassing, it can be caused by several reasons from a damaging nail service or your diet and even your genetics! Here's a few solutions to reduce ridges over time.

 Quality over quantity is key when it comes to nail care. We're talking nail files. Yes, while emery boards are easy to use and achieve the appearance you seek, a glass nail file is softer on your nails and seals each layer together to prevent peeling. You can even wash your glass file after use with soap and water to use over and over again!   

Once our nails are shaped up, apply a dual action base coat that also acts as a ridge filler for an instant and visible transformation. Londontown's Fortifying Ridge Filler can be worn both natural for a matte finish or underneath color as an acting base coat.   

Finish of your nail care routine with a hydrating nail cream or cuticle oil to replenish nails with nourishment.   

LONDONTOWN delivers nail care and color products that go beyond the surface to provide care to the entire nail. Their exclusive blend of vitamins and botanical oils restore, hydrate, and strengthen nails from within for a perfect manicure with every application. Vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, their holistic approach to nail care combines nail science with restorative nutrients.


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