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Indulge in a DIY at home manicure that will feel as luxurious as a salon manicure.

Raise your hand if you too are obsessed with the idea of a no-soak manicure! While most salons typically utilize the method of dipping your hands in a water bowl, soak-free manicures are just as luxurious!

Instead of using water to soften cuticles, the best cuticle remover acts like a cuticle softener that gently melts away cuticles!

Complete your at-home manicure with a hydrating hand mask that also acts as a cuticle cream. Let your working hands take a break and add a pair of warm cotton gloves for added nourishment and glow. You'll wake up feeling well-rested and pampered!

Still not convinced a dry manicure could be for you? 
Our DIY hand soak and scrub is every nail's dream! 
Start with a bowl of water and add a few drops of 
your favorite cuticle oil and almond oil. For an added 
boost of a natural exfoliant add two tablespoons of 
sugar and mix. Soak your hands for two minutes and 
gently massage the sugar around your cuticles.
You'll leave your at-home salon feeling refreshed 
and maniCURED.

LONDONTOWN delivers nail care and color products that go beyond the surface to provide care to the entire nail. Their exclusive blend of vitamins and botanical oils restore, hydrate, and strengthen nails from within for a perfect manicure with every application. Vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, their holistic approach to nail care combines nail science with restorative nutrients.  

Let us know in the comments below your favorite at-home manicure remedies!

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