3 Mani Styles You Need for New Year's Eve

You've been planning your outfit for the New Year's Eve party for over a week. The final and seemingly most important decision of 2018...your nail color to bring in the New Year!
There are so many factors to consider: What am I wearing? Will my nails match my outfit? Glitter, shine, or matte? Nude or vibrant?
We know the struggle and are here to help! We've gathered 3 styles that are guaranteed to turn heads and ring in the New Year right.
  1. The Neutral Sparkle
Base Color: Chimes of the City
Glitter: Britannia

So your outfit is fabulous and all you need is a little extra to complete the look. Totally understand! Finish this look with Gel Genius Top Coat
to lock and seal this bare sparkle mani. BONUS: Swap out Chimes of the City for a white, like Duchess, for a bright, clean look.
2. The Classic Dark
Base Color: Put The Kettle On
Glitter: Stargazing Royalty

This dynamic duo compliments any color outfit while still making a bold statement. This versatile pair will have everyone asking "Where'd you get your nails done?" You can proudly respond "I did them myself!"
3. The Purple Passion
Base Color: Purple Reign
Glitter: Minted in Style
Nothing says "Happy New Year!" like a poppy purple manicure. For those planning a classic outfit such as black or white, this is just what you need to add that "something" you've been looking for. Prime nails with Gel Genius Base Coat and protect with Gel Genius Top Coat for a shine that won't quit.



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