Kendall Jenner: "Really Into Green These Days"

It's never too early to set trends for the new year - especially when your name is Kendall Jenner. With 102 million followers, the young model sported a neon green look for New Years that immediately sparked conversation.
While many are on the hunt for neon green tops, earrings, and eyeliner, there's another way to keep up with the ever-changing trends: paint your nails!
If you're looking to strut a bright neon green on your paws, Londontown's Electric Avenue is just what you need. This creme lakur goes on smooth and nourishes nails during wear. Pair with Nail Hardener & Base Coat to prime nails and lock your mani with Protective Top Coat.
What do you think about this color trend? Let us know your thoughts below!



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