New Year, New You! New Shades to Try for 2019

You know how the saying goes, "New Year, New Me!" It's 2019 - time for a fresh start, a new beginning - and trying new things. This includes stepping out of your comfort zone with nail polish shades.
Yes. You heard me. Change up your mani game.
I know - it's hard. You walk into the salon or store to pick a new color. For some reason, you keep finding yourself in this rut of the same shades.
That's where we come in. We've listed 5 shades to switch up your style and when you're ready, give them a try. You'll be surprised to see you love it.
  1. BRILL-ant
Take a walk on the wild side with this metallic rose shade. It's shiny and perfect to start the New Year with a bang.
2. Londonium
Achieve the iridescent look you've been searching for. This dark espresso shimmer truly delivers in a glimmer of light.
3. Posh Rising
Feel posh in this forest green shimmer. Stray from the usual and you'll dazzle all the way to your fingertips.
4. Electric Avenue
It's electric! Once in a while, neon lime green polish is a necessary accessory for a night on the town. You're guaranteed to stand out with this lakur.



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