Your guide to an at-home spa treatment for your hands.


Ultimate Hand care Routine

We’re hard on our hands as it is. Add on continuous rounds of precautionary hand-washing and sanitizing throughout the day, and more often than not, our hands are left dry, tight, and a little worse for wear well before dinner. By noon, even, the backs of our hands appear dull and any natural lines seem more pronounced; skin tends to feel textured, papery, or on the worst of days, cracked. Daily preventative care can be as simple applying hand cream immediately after handwashing and as needed throughout the day, but to truly keep hands in tip-top shape (or prep them before a DIY manicure!), we recommend adding an indulgent spa treatment to your routine at least once a week.

Treat your hands the same way you’d pamper your face or body by following this decadent mask, moisturizing, and manicure routine.




Your Ultimate At-Home Handcare Routine:

1. Start with clean skin. Use a gentle, non-stripping cleanser to thoroughly wash your hands. (And remember: use warm, never hot, water!) Pat dry.

2. Apply a generous, even layer of Rose Gold Hand Peel to the back of each hand. Because it dries down to a no-drip, no-mess finish, you can go about your regimen with ease. Wait 10-15 minutes or until the mask is completely dry. To remove, gently roll the edges and peel away. Rinse off any excess product with warm water.

3. If you’re doing this routine during the day or before your DIY manicure, follow with a layer of 2-in-1 Hand & Nail Treatment for a visible smoothing, brightening boost, then seal in hydration using Whipped Cloud Hand Cream. If desired, massage 1-2 drops of Nourishing Cuticle Oil into the entire nail area. Doing this in the evening before bed? Layer your serums and creams in the same order (you might even want to use Restorative Nail Cream on your cuticles and nails for an extra moisturizing treat), then slip on a pair of gloves to lock in all those skin and nail-loving benefits. Come morning, remove the gloves and voila—baby-smooth hands.

Rose Gold Hand Peel


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