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LONDONTOWN's story began in my family's small flower garden in Raldlett, England. In a quest to find a solution to hydrate hands and nails, my family hand-picked and blended flower oils and botanicals to create a healing remedy that restores moisture and ensure from the crisp, dry English air.

Years later, while pregnant and in search of a safe and effective way to restore nail damage, I recalled our cherished family recipe and implemeted it into a nail care routine. After trying countless products without success, I put the botanicals formula to the test and was amazed at the results! Almost immediately, I saw my nails transform into visibly harder, longer and stronger looking nails! At that moment, I knew I had to share our nature family formula with the men and women, who like me are in search of a thoughtful and holistic approach to nail care.  

With a modern and sophisticated concept in mind, I combined nail care science with the restorative properties of Britain's rapeseed flower oil, evening primose oil, chamomile, cumber and other essential vitamins to bring you LONDONTOWN. A U.S,. brand whose name pays tribute to my family's small flower garden and delivers products that go beyond the surface and provide care to the entire nail. Our family remedy, now known asFlorium Complex, is infused into both kur, our luxe nail care system, and lakur, our superior nail color collection. Florium Complex' exclusive blend of vitamins and botanical oils restores, hydrates and strengthen nails from within, improving nail quality and manicure length with every application.