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A limited edition, modern twist on an essential nail kit! Featuring all the products you need to accomplish a flawless mani in a charming canvas case.

Everything you need for a modern mani!

What's Included

• Nail Hardener & Base Coat • Gel Genius Top Coat • Nourishing Cuticle Oil + Dropper • Restorative Nail Cream + Gloves • Instant Smudge Fix • Glass Nail File + Cover • Canvas Cosmetic Bag


• Gently file nails in one motion with Glass Nail File

• Apply Nail Hardener & Base Coat before two thin coats of your favorite lakur

• Apply Gel Genius Top Coat to lock in color and shine

• Use Nourishing Cuticle Oil and Restorative Nail Cream daily for best results

• Use cotton gloves at night with Restorative Nail Cream for deep hydration

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    Great products. My nails are growing. The colors are awesome. Will definitely buy again.

    New to Londontown and love it!

    I bought the set as a treat for my self and love it. The canvas bag is great for storage and keeping all the products together. The kit has everything needed for nail care and getting the perfect polish. I really feel pampered when I use it.

    Brand new hands!!

    These products have literally changed my (hand) life. I have weak nails and really dry skin. Also as an ex smoker (with fidgety hand) I have a really bad habit of peeling my nails. I’m also a constant handwasher and despite always putting on hand cream my nails have just always been embarrassingly bad. My whole life I’ve tried nail hardeners and they’re all so drying and don’t last or I end up peeling it off. I’m not even sure how I came across your brand but ever since I’ve been using the nail hardener, nourishing cuticle oil, and the nail creme everything has changed. Unlike every other basecoat I’ve ever tried, the minute I put your product on I actually feel it moisturizing my nailbed instead of drying it out. I’ve become addicted to the cuticle oil sometimes using it five times a day. I’m happy to say I now have feminine looking hands! My cuticles look great and I haven’t even had a manicure yet-hoping to do that this week.
    The fact that your products are free of some of the most harmful chemicals it’s just an added bonus!


    I bought the gift bag -- for myself! It is a great value for great products. I love the color and the way it last and last -- and is good for your nails.


    Love the products



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