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Foot Balm

Our feet literally bear the weight of our existence and yet, they’re last on the self-care to-do list until summer’s around the corner and you’re shelving your boots for sandals. Rather than wait until the last minute (or settle for a closed-toe shoe when really, you know the strappy first-choice would make the look), here are five easy tips on how to prioritize footcare year-round—and achieve your best, at-home pedicure yet.


1. Soak before you scrub.

Whether you’re in the mood for an at-home spa day or ready to DIY a pedicure, start by soaking your feet in warm water. It completely changes the experience—hellooo, at-home spa!—but it serves a practical purpose, too. The skin on our feet is much tougher than that on the rest of your body, so by soaking them for a few minutes in a warm bath, you’re able to soften the soles and make it easier to scrub away tough calluses. It can be as simple as waiting a few minutes in the shower before you go in with your foot scrub, but if you have time to spare, splurge for a proper foot bath as if you were at the salon. Run some hot water in the tub (or a separate basin, if you have one), add a few drops of Botanical Radiance Oil for an extra moisturizing and sensorial treat, and let your feet soften for one to five minutes.

2. Exfoliate regularly.

Once you’ve soaked your feet in warm water, start exfoliating with Pedikur Foot Scrub. This is a sugar-packed scrub that invigorates while smoothing away even the toughest, roughest of skin, so remember: firm yet gentle, even pressure is all you need. Focus on the heels and ball of the feet (where callouses tend to form), but don’t forget about the top of the foot, too. Once you feel the sugar crystals start to melt into the nourishing oil base, scrub around each toe to smooth the cuticle area in preparation for polish later on. In a pinch or need a quick fix before you run out the door? Use a glass foot file (which can be used directly on dry skin) to buff away dry, flaky zones.

3. Moisturize daily.

Hydration is the key to visibly repairing—and preventing—dry, cracked heels and overall roughness, and when prioritized along with diligent exfoliation, you’ll see results that last. So, treat your feet like you do the rest of your body and moisturize them daily. Apply Pedikur Foot Balm all over your feet, massaging as you go to help relax any tension while the de-stressing, Eucalyptus-infused formula restores the look of softness and smoothness to feet.

4. Pre-pedicure prep makes all the difference.

Now that you’ve finished the skincare portion of your pedicure, it’s time to hone in on cuticle and nail care. Our Pedikur Prep Kit contains everything you need for that pro-level treatment: use Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover and our Cuticle Pusher to perfect those edges, shape your nails with the glass nail file, and once you’re ready to polish, clean the nail with our non-acetone Strengthening Lacquer Remover before going in with a kur base coat or lakur.

5. Polish like a pro.

You can easily stop at step four—but if you’re ready for polish, reach for our Pedikur Prep Collection. Slip on the Jelly Toe Separators to prevent lacquer from smudging as you apply Pink Illuminating Nail Concealer (or any nail polish of your choice), and for best results, keep those reusable separators on until your polish is fully dry. As a final touch, use the included foot file to gently remove any dead skin or dull patches and voila! A pro-perfect pedicure at your feet. Let’s see your favorite color combos!


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