Smooth Fingernail Ridges 

As much as we love talking about color and nail art inspo, care informs our beauty philosophy and approach to product formulations. Nail health, above all else, is the priority—which is why we focus so intently on perfecting kur solutions (and nail polish, too!) that deliver vital strengthening and moisturizing benefits with every application. The purpose is twofold: at the surface (literally), our thoughtfully clean, supercharged formulas are designed to create a better canvas on which your nail polish applies. When we delve deeper, there are long-term benefits at play, like stronger nails, improved growth, and healthier-looking cuticles.

So, let’s talk nail health. Since some of our mostly frequently asked questions are about bumpy nails and how to fix nail ridges, let’s dive into the solutions. These are our answers.


Nail ridges tend to appear as longitudinal lines that run from the cuticle to the edge or tip of the nail. In different lighting, the unevenness is visible, and when you run your finger across the nail plate, there’s a distinct bumpiness in texture.


Nail ridges are typically a natural result of the aging process. If you’re genetically predisposed to weaker or dry, brittle nails, you may be prone to developing ridges, too. Ultimately, they’re more common than you think; in rare cases—usually when the lines are horizontal instead of vertical and are accompanied by discoloration—the ridges may then become a sign of a larger health issue (in which case: do consult your physician for solutions).


Here are a few of our best tips for smoothing the look of your nails and making those ridges less pronounced:

  • Make nail hydration a priority: All the hand-washing, sanitizing, and even polish/acrylics/gel removal can dehydrate and damage your nail. Wherever possible, minimize the use of drying agents (for example, swap your polish remover for an acetone-free formula) and always moisturize after cleansing. Keep hand cream within reach at all times and apply a nourishing cuticle oil to the entire nail area daily. On the go? Bring a cuticle gel pen for effortless hydration whenever you need the boost.
  • Take a break from gels, acrylics, press-ons, and wraps. The removal process—especially when done frequently or improperly, can damage the nail’s surface and weaken the nail plate. Be mindful of how you have them removed and whenever possible, give your nails a moment to breathe by choosing a classic lakur manicure or reaching for Illuminating Nail Concealer instead.
  • Buff your nail's surface—but do so gently! When prepping your nails between manicures, use a gentle nail buffer to help smooth away bumps. Light exfoliation (using Soft Touch Nail Scrub) will help, too.
  • Use a glass nail file to shape and refine. A metal file can actually tear or weaken the edge of your nail—causing vulnerabilities that lead to nail weakening overall. Glass files are designed to shape without being aggressive, and remember: always smooth in one direction.
  • Prep and prime your nails with a strengthening base coat. Fortifying Ridge Filler is the ultimate 2-in-1 that serves as an ultra-smoothing nail primer and a strengthening base coat that helps create a durable foundation to which your lakur adheres. One to two coats will help conceal the look of bumps and uneven texture; wear it alone for a natural, your-nails-but-smoother look, or pair with your favorite nail polish and top coat.



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