If trying your hand at nail art has always seemed intimidating—impossible, even—we’re determined to show you otherwise. Sure, it takes a little bit of practice, but with the help of our favorite insider tips and tricks, leveling up your DIY nail game is much easier than you think.

Plus: what’s the worst that can happen? Mistakes are part of the artistic process, and there’s nothing a little nail polish remover or Instant Smudge Fix can’t undo.


Nail art can be as simple or over-the-top as you make it. Layer neutrals together for a tonal, understated look, alternate between a series of brights for a serious pop, try contrasting or complementary colors if you love a bold clash; truly, the possibilities are endless. If you’re not sure where to start, use our seasonal lakur collections as a jumping-off point. Each shade is specifically designed to mix and match with other polishes within the set, giving you a curated, cohesive look instantly.

Playing with texture is another simple way to add dimension, too.


Art brushes are fantastic for detail work, but everyday items in your beauty stash have potential, too.

If you want to add polka dots but feel a little shaky attempting it freehand with a brush, try using a bobby pin instead:

  • Dip one of the rounded edges of a bobby pin into your polish and dot it directly onto the nail. This creates a uniform look quickly—and easily.
  • If you’re trying to create a larger circle (or any rounded, filled-in shape), you can still use that bobby pin. Create a close cluster of dots until you get your desired shape, then use light, circular motions (where the pin is only touching the polish, not the nail) to smooth the edges.
  • Once you’re comfortable with dots, you can use the same technique to create wavy, irregular shapes for an 80s or 90s-inspired look

If you’re trying to get the hang of lines, use the pointed end of this cuticle pusher (not the rubber edge).

  • Linework does require a steady hand, but because this handle is ergonomically shaped, it gives you more leverage when creating your design. Once you feel comfortable, swap your cuticle tool for a brush.
  • If any edges need cleaning up, reach for a glass nail file. Dip the tip into your nail polish remover and use that pointed end to fine-tuning lines.


Using tape to create clean lines when creating geometric patterns. Get creative:

  • Lay two pieces to create a V-shape at your cuticles or nail edge to create a reverse or modern take on the classic French tip.
  • Position the tape across the nail at varying angles to create a color-blocked look. 
  • Achieve crisp stripes, thick or thin.

The only rule? Make sure each layer of polish is completely dry before taping things off.



With Love,

Team Londontown

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