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It’s official: you’ve mastered the basics and are now ready to elevate your nail game. With a firm foundation in place—and a first-hand understanding of what a difference a little kur care can make, it’s time to take your routine to the next level with a more customized routine.

What you learned in our beginner’s guide still plays a role, of course. Cleansing and hydrating (through basic grooming and the addition of a cuticle oil) are the bare bones of a maintenance routine. To improve the condition of your nails, however, calls for targeted care. Approach nail care the same way you structure your skincare regimen. Face wash and moisturizer, for example, are essential—but exfoliators, serums, and masks help you achieve your best skin yet. Nails are no different. The best way to see results and further improve both application and longevity of your manicure is to incorporate targeted kur solutions.


Exfoliating skin surrounding the nail is something most people don’t think of at all, but when exfoliation is finally included as part of a weekly nail care routine, the difference is visible. This is a step that enhances the overall nail area with a healthy, polished look. Plus, cleaned-up cuticles elongate your nail beds—and make your at-home manicure look as though you’ve just returned from a trip to the salon. 

To further build upon your hydration routine, supplement Nourishing Cuticle Oil with a nail moisturizer:

Let’s talk supercharged, specialized treatments, too. These kur formulas are specifically designed to deliver transformative care using potent botanical blends:


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