Strengthen weak, brittle nails with Nail Hardener

Get Strong Nail Hardener

If you’re dealing with fragile, peeling, or brittle nails, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s more common than you think: everything from the weather to our natural aging process and lifestyle habits (namely, if you frequently get acrylics or gel manicures) contribute to weakening nails.

Nursing your nails back to prime health will require some sacrifices, but with the right kur care, it’s simpler than you think. The hardest part might be taking a break from your gels or acrylics—but as hard as it is to step away from your beloved nail tech, a few months away is critical to help your nails rejuvenate. And in the meantime, add a nail hardener to your nail care routine, stat.

What Is a Nail Hardener?

Nail hardeners are formulated to add a protective layer to the nails, preventing breakage and promoting overall durability. They’re usually infused with fortifying ingredients too, which help nourish the nails with essential nutrients to improve flexibility and resilience.

What Does Nail Hardener Do?

Benefits of using a nail hardener include:

  • Strengthening weak nails by creating a protective barrier that reinforces the structure of your nails, reducing the likelihood of breakage and chipping
  • Preventing breakage and splitting by using nourishing ingredients that replenish nails—therefore giving them a healthy flexibility
  • Improving overall nail health using an infusion of vitamins and botanical extracts that work hard beyond surface-level benefits—and boost your nails’ resilience over time

How Does Nail Hardener Work?

We have two nail hardeners here at Londontown, both of which work to strengthen nails using our proprietary botanical blend—but do so uniquely:

  • Get Strong Nail Hardener, a powerful nail hardener designed to help transform thin or weak, soft nails. Two coats of this strengthening kur treatment create a super-fortified barrier that immediately shields the nail plate and helps harden it over time. Resilience is improved in as little as one week—with a noticeable increase in hardness—and with our proprietary Florium Complex, nails get the perfect dose of the hydration and nutrients needed to support healthy nail growth.
  • Nail Hardener & Base Coat, our 2-in-1 strengthener and base coat. Designed to condition, shield, and provide a durable surface for optimal polish wear, this base coat helps fortify weak or dry, brittle nails with a supercharged blend of antioxidant plant oils and botanical extracts.

Can I Use Nail Hardener as a Base Coat?

Not always, but Londontown nail hardeners are formulated to double as base coats, too. Both Get Strong Nail Hardener and Nail Hardener & Base Coat create a shield over your bare nails that grips onto your polish for extended wear.

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