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Nail Health Matters Products

When it comes to care, skin and hair health are always the most predominant topics of discussion—and more often than not, nails aren’t even part of the conversation. Nail polish and nail art, though? All the rage. The more photogenic, the better. But nail health? Not so much (yet), so let’s discuss.


1. Why Nail Care is Important

We’re as obsessed with nail color as you are, but unless routine nail care is part of the process, weekly polish changes (if you use traditional lacquers) or trips to the salon may end up damaging your nails. Between daily wear and tear and lack of attention, you’re left dealing with peeling, breakage, dehydration, and discoloration. These are concerns that go beyond aesthetics: how your nails appear can serve as indicators of overall health, too. (Your genetics do play a role in nail structure, of course, but in general, nails are a reflection of inside-out wellness.) The goal, then? Resilient yet flexible, healthy-looking nails that can withstand day-to-day tasks and look good in polish, too.

2. How to Take Care of Your Nails

It’s easier than you think—and with a little bit of consistency, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your nail care routine as a self-care ritual.

    • Keep your nails clean. Wash your hands regularly, but don’t forget to clean under the nails using a mild soap and nail brush, too. If you wear nail polish (even if it’s just a sheer or clear top coat), always remove your old polish thoroughly before re-applying a fresh coat. An acetone-free remover like Strengthening Lacquer Remover helps lift any staining and ensures the surface of the nail is completely clean without leaving your nails feeling dry.

    • Always hydrate your nails and the entire cuticle area. Treat your nails as you would your skin; they need restorative hydration in the same way, too. During the day, keep a lightweight, botanical-infused Nourishing Cuticle Oil handy (or if you prefer an on-the-go formula, try Cuticle Gel Pen to help revive dry, dull, or flaky cuticles. Massage the oil around the entire nail area for essential moisturization. In the evenings, reach for a richer formula like our Restorative Nail Cream. It melts in seamlessly without any greasiness, but the moisture-intensive cream provides dry or brittle nails with the deep nourishment it needs.

    • File and trim your nails regularly. Proper grooming—using expert-approved tools—can help prevent splitting or breakage. A glass file gently refines ragged edges that might catch on surfaces, a multi-tasking nail buffer helps smooth uneven nails, and using a rubber-tipped cuticle pusher with our gentle Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover tidies up cuticles without damaging delicate or sensitive nails.

    • Treat your nails to some weekly TLC. This step isn’t just for damaged, post-acrylic nails or bedraggled manis suffering from (improper) gel removal (although these solutions are incredibly effective at restoring them to a visibly healthier-looking state). Like skin, nails need a nourishing mask or rejuvenating pick-me-up every so often—so treat them to some game-changing care.
      • If you have less than 5 minutes to spare, apply Nail Probiotic Instant Boost to your nails and cuticles. This all-in-one essence and moisturizing nail mask helps re-balance, strengthen, and improve the look of nails in as little as 20 seconds. Leave it on for as long as you can (even overnight!), then rinse well with soap and water before applying polish or your next kur treatment.
      • For ultra-weak or peeling nails, incorporate Get Well Nail Recovery into your routine. Use it as a fortifying base coat or wear it alone to maximize the benefits of this intensive, visibly reparative treatment.

    • The nail polish you use matters. Our lakurs combine gel-like wear, high-impact pigment, and supercharged care to make nail health an equal part of the equation. These are botanical-infused formulas that deliver the perfect balance of strength and moisturization while giving you major color—and for best results, seal in your shade with a strengthening top coat like Protective Top Coat.


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  • Kathleen

    Thank you for this article. I was so confused with what product to use, why, when and how! This clears things up for me.

  • Vickie Mueller

    I absolutely love all of your products, especially Pink Illuminator and #4 Nail Veil!!! I can’t live with out one or the other!!!

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