Red Nail Polish

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Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a pop of color to your everyday look, a red manicure or pedicure will always be a timeless statement. Red nail polish is just one of those classic shades you can never go wrong with—and one that exudes easy confidence and sophistication.

The Londontown Edit: Red Lakurs

You’re bound to find the perfect red nail polish for any occasion (and no matter your personal style) within the Londontown lakur collection. We have everything from deep crimson to vibrant cherry and everything in between, like:

  • Classic reds that pay homage to Old Hollywood starlets and make for the perfect holiday, special occasion, or signature nail shade
  • Cherry red, which is just a bit brighter than your typical ruby—a great choice for spring or summer when you still want to stick to something classic
  • Orange-toned reds are also great for summer months or vacation because they bring warmth and playfulness
  • Crimson, which is rich, decadent, and dare we say, a little sultry too; it’s a lovely option for evening looks
  • Brick reds that bring about a warm earthiness ideal for fall and transitioning into winter before you reach for the burgundy reds
  • Light reds that are muted versions of the statement shade you know and love (but perfect when you want to change things up without going pastel pink or nude)

Best part? No matter which shades you choose, our red polishes promise gel-like, chip-resistant formulas that look good on—and are just as good for your nails, too. Our lakurs are 21+ free, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas that deliver powerful pigment plus a dose of supercharged botanical care.

Meet Our Best-Selling Reds

  • Picadilly Square is an ultra-bright red crème mixed with blood orange
  • Weekend Cheers” is an unapologetic, coral pink crème that adds an instant pop of playfulness
  • London Calling” is equal parts magenta and red, proof you don’t have to choose between your two favorite shades
  • Down to Dilly” is a true hot red with pink undertones (we’re obsessed with this shade in summer!)
  • Double the Deck” is our version of a true red crème—a classic that belongs in every nail wardrobe
  • Guilty Pleasure” has a bit more of that cherry brightness if you love the look of “Double the Deck” but want to change things up
  • Londoner Love” is a proper ruby red
  • Changing of the Guards” is a red crème with depth
  • Vendetta” is a scarlet that oozes mystery
  • Ring Me” has deep pink undertones, almost berry-like in coloration (though not nearly as purple)
  • Guarded Jewel” is a rich maroon crème we can’t help but reach for every winter
  • Lady Luck” is similar to Guarded Jewel, but has more true-red undertones (than Guarded Jewel’s berry tendencies)
  • Woodstock” is a rich red-brown inspired by ‘70s bohemia

#LondonTips: How to Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro

To achieve the perfect red manicure, follow these simple steps:

  1. Prep. Begin by removing any old polish, filing your nails, and pushing back your cuticles.
  2. Start with base coat. Apply a thin layer of any Londontown base coat to better help the nail polish adhere to your nail and prevent staining (especially if you use a brighter shade).
  3. Apply your polish. Apply 1-2 coats of your favorite red lakur. Let each layer set for 2-3 minutes before applying the next.
  4. Finish with top coat. Add a thin layer of your favorite top coat. This will add shine (unless you prefer a matte finish) and protect your manicure from chipping or fading.

A few more tips:

  • Let the red polish dry completely before applying additional layers or touching anything. This will help prevent nicks or smudging—but if you’re in a rush, use Accelerating Drying Oil to speed up the dry time and keep Instant Smudge Fix on hand just in case you get a dent.
  • Apply a fresh layer of top coat every few days to maintain that protective, outermost barrier for your polish. Don’t forget to “cap” each nail too: by swiping your lakur and top coat along the edge of your nail, you’ll further protect the tip from chipping or peeling.
  • Keep your cuticles hydrated! Apply Nourishing Cuticle Oil, Cuticle Gel Pen, or Restorative Nail Cream. Moisturization is key to a manicure or pedicure that lasts (which is why we’ve formulated our lakur nail polishes with Florium Complex: our proprietary blend of botanical extracts and oils that help keep nails feeling nourished and strong).
  • Wear gloves whenever you’re cleaning or washing the dishes. Wherever possible, avoid direct contact with cleaning products with harsh chemicals that can strip your skin and nails.


FAQs About Red Nail Polish

Q: What are the best red nail polish colors?

A: The best red nail polish colors depend on your personal preference and the occasion! Our most popular shades are “Londoner Love,” “Lady Luck,” “Vendetta,” “London Calling,” and “Picadilly Square.”

Q: What colors go well with red nails?

A: Red nails are versatile and can be paired with various colors. Neutrals such as black, white, and nude create a classic and sophisticated look. Bold colors like gold, silver, or even emerald green make for striking and festive combinations.

Q: What is the lightest shade of red nail polish?

A: The lightest shade of red nail polish falls on the softer side of the red spectrum, leaning towards a pinkish hue. It’s softer while still embodying the vibrancy of red—often rose, berry, or even coral in tone, like “Weekend Cheers” or “Down to Dilly.”

Q: What does red nail polish mean?

A: When it comes to color symbolism, red is often cited as a symbol of power, confidence, and sensuality. It’s linked to emotions such as love and passion, and while wearing red nails can help you feel empowered by these descriptors, why you choose red is an entirely personal decision. Red nail polish can mean whatever you want it to mean—or nothing at all.