UV Gels

Londontown®'s gel colors are gel products created for professional usage and REQUIRE UV/LED CURING. Discounts do not apply to gel products as they are priced at the professional price point.

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Our UV gel nail polishes are designed exclusively for professional use. Although a UV/LED light is required to cure these polishes, these are far from the traditional formulas you’ve come to expect: they’re gel colors, the Londontown way.

Why Choose Our UV Gels?

These aren't your run-of-the-mill gel polishes. Londontown UV gels give vibrant, budge-proof and streak-free color in just one coat, and deliver up to 3 weeks of chip-resistance wear. It's not just about function, however: formula matters, too. Londontown gel polishes are non-solvent, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and never have harmful fumes.

Pro-Perfect Application

Our Pro-Contour Brush promises effortless application, which is made all the easier with our self-leveling formula. Every shade is packed with pigment so you get flawless coverage in just one coat—no streaks, no wrinkles, zero shrinkage, and no odor.


Superior Performance Gel Polishes

Londontown UV gels have been formulated as thoughtfully as possible to minimize damage while delivering the same—if not better—finish and wear time as traditional UV nail polishes.

Frequent Asked Questions

Are your UV gel nail products cruelty-free and vegan?

Absolutely. Londontown UV gel polishes are vegan and cruelty-free.

What sets UV gel nails apart from other types of nail polishes?

UV gel nails aren't just about that super high-shine glossy finish; what sets them apart from regular nail lacquers is their resilience against day-to-day wear and tear. They’re applied just like regular polish, but require a UV light/LED lamp to cure, or set, the polish.

Can I apply UV gel nails at home, or should I visit a salon?

We highly recommend visiting a salon for safe, expert application of gel polishes.

How long does a UV gel manicure typically last?

It varies from person to person based on their nail type and lifestyle, but for most, a Londontown UV gel manicure can last up to 3 weeks!

Will UV gel nails damage my natural nails?

When applied and removed correctly, UV gels shouldn't harm your natural nails. Safe application and proper aftercare—like strengthening and nourishing treatments—are key.

Can I still use regular nail polish on top of UV gel nails?

If you’re in need of a quick refresher or color change at home, you can apply your desired Londontown lakur or transformative top coat (like our confetti toppers). However, your nail tech or artist will likely prefer to stick with just gels for a more seamless mani-pedi.

Are there any special requirements for UV gel nails removal?

UV gel nails removal requires some patience, but it’s doable. Gently file in one spot to break through the top coat and color layers until the color is almost gone from that spot, be careful not to file all the way down to the nail plate. Soak your nails in Prep & Remove Acetone Lacquer Remover, and remove the polish in a nail polish remover-soaked cotton pad. For best results, let your nails breathe for a bit and pamper them with ultra-nourishing and strengthening kur care treatments,

Do you have a UV gel nail starter kit for beginners?

Our UV gel polishes are best suited for professionals, but we do have a gel starter kit for any pros who are beginning to build their Londontown collection.

What is gel polish?

Gel polish is quite different from regular nail polish. For starters, it requires a special light to cure and harden. It lasts longer and looks shinier than regular nail polish. It can last up to two or more weeks without getting chipped or faded. If you are looking for a durable and low-maintenance manicure, go for it!

How to apply gel nail polish?

In order to apply gel nail polish, you need to have a UV or LED lamp, a base coat, a color coat, and a top coat. Also, you will have cotton pads, rubbing alcohol, and a cuticle pusher. Start by prepping your nails. Remove any old polish, fill and shape them, and push back your cuticles. Clean your nails properly with rubbing alcohol, and remove any oil and dust. Apply a thin layer of base coat and then color coat. Let each coat cure under the lamp for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat the process and finish off by cleaning any sticky residue.

Is Gel Nail Polish Safe For Your Nails?

Gel nail polish is generally safe for your nails. However, you should follow the right steps when applying; if you are unsure, it is better to be done by a professional. While gel polish can be considered safe, exposure to UV or LED light has its potential side effects.

How to Remove Gel Polish?

You will need some cotton pads, aluminum foil, acetone, a wooden stick, and a nail file to remove gel nail polish. Start by soaking cotton pads in acetone and place them on your nails. Use the aluminum foil to secure the cotton pad in place. After 10-15 minutes, the gel polish will soften and loosen. Remove everything and start gently scaring off the gel polish with a wooden stick. Use the nail file to buff your nails and smooth out rough edges or residue.


Any questions? Email us anytime and we’ll help find the best gel polishes for your pro kit.