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5/19/2021 by Adelle Johnson (united states)


5/19/2021 by Jenn Avoledo (united states)

Given as a gift-recipient was very pleased with products!

5/19/2021 by Traci Brannon (united states)

Love the polish

5/19/2021 by Gracie Medina (united states)

Absolutely amazing

5/19/2021 by Beachlove (RI, united states)

Great products

5/19/2021 by Chere Reddersdorf (united states)

I love Londontown products and it's so simple to use the website.

5/19/2021 by Darla kerley (united states)


5/18/2021 by Stephanie Rawlings (united states)

no complaints!

5/18/2021 by Alyson Wickenheisser (united states)

Smooth process, can't recommend it enough!!

5/18/2021 by Priscilla Zeno (united states)

Great brand, great price.

5/18/2021 by HaNi Nguyen (united states)

Grest customer service and wonder products

5/18/2021 by Donna Lundy (united states)

Very easy ordering process, excellent products!

5/16/2021 by Estella Williams (united states)


5/16/2021 by Jean paradis (united states)

Pretty straightforward.

5/16/2021 by Jo Ann Woociker (united states)

Love these products and this company!

5/16/2021 by Marla S (united states)


5/16/2021 by Stephanie Harrison ( united states)

Easily processed

5/15/2021 by Susan Mahalick ( united states)

Great selection, thank you!

5/15/2021 by Danielle Ritz (CA, united states)

I would give Londontown a 4 out of 5. The one time I did experience a customer service issue with. It receiving and order, I felt dismissed and the persons helping me were not helpful nor did it seem like they cared. The response was basically, it's not our problem once it leaves our hands, follow up with the mail. While I understand you can't control the mail, Londontown picked the carrier. I would have paid for UPS or even FedEx to ensure my package got to me. For what I pay for this nail polish, I expect much better customer service.

5/15/2021 by Toula ( united states)

I love Londontown because they offer excellent customer service and discounts! Their products are wonderful and the nail lakurs are long wearing!

5/15/2021 by Angela Candeloro ( united states)

Quick & Easy!

5/15/2021 by Briana Gonzalez ( united states)

Super fast and gives me a lot of options

5/15/2021 by Debra Edwards ( united states)

So far so good. I just ordered

5/15/2021 by Shirley Myers ( united states)

Great variety in colors, the best ever formula for nail polish. Easy website navigation. I will keep shopping on Londontown.

5/14/2021 by Sharon Brown ( united states)

Arrived as scheduled but not as expected.

5/14/2021 by Susan Miller ( united states)

Nice selection of products

5/14/2021 by Jaclyn Lobb ( united states)

Great service and quick delivery

5/14/2021 by Carol Sargent ( united states)

Website is easy .... provides great detail and images are clear.

5/14/2021 by Kim Hunzeker ( united states)

I am very impressed with this company. The customer service and the products are amazing!!!

5/14/2021 by Margaret Rettig ( united states)

easy and fast

5/14/2021 by Pamela A. Feola ( united states)

website wasn't working on my ipad or iphone. Had to complete on my computer. The checkout button wasn't appearing. This was going on for two days.

5/14/2021 by Susan Evans ( united states)


5/13/2021 by Carina Luwisch ( united states)


5/13/2021 by Diane Huff ( united states)

Fast and impressive products!!

5/13/2021 by Gloria Main ( united states)

GREAT Products

5/13/2021 by Jessica McDaniel ( united states)

Fun and easy!

5/12/2021 by Cindy Jones ( united states)

Excellent products and fast delivery!

5/12/2021 by Joyce Sanchez ( united states)

Really live the product and the colors.

5/12/2021 by test ( united states)


5/12/2021 by Xenia Dowling ( united states)

Easy to navigate site and fast check out with many options

5/12/2021 by Amy Swain ( united states)

Love the options, and safe ingredients. Can’t wait to get my order!

5/12/2021 by Cyndi Vela ( united states)


5/12/2021 by Donna M Matson ( united states)

I always enjoy shopping with Londontown. Love the product.

5/12/2021 by Rosemary Leonard ( united states)


5/12/2021 by Vickie Ivey ( united states)

Fast and easy

5/11/2021 by Amy Dant ( united states)

The polish isn't as good as I'd hoped but overall the colors are ok.

5/11/2021 by Deborah Monroe ( united states)

So quick and easy!

5/11/2021 by Ann (Co, united states)

The only complaint is shipping took a long time.

5/11/2021 by Jane Ochs ( united states)

Fast and easy can’t wait to try products

5/11/2021 by Dorothy Lech ( united states)


5/11/2021 by Fran Mahler ( united states)

Love the colors

5/11/2021 by Rita O'Connell ( united states)

I gave my email address for supposedly 20% off. Where is it?

5/10/2021 by Anna Sabey ( united states)

Love everything I ordered!

5/10/2021 by Claudia Kroyer ( united states)


5/10/2021 by FunderMurph (TX, united states)

shopping experience was as expected.

5/10/2021 by Arissa Marquard ( united states)

It was the quickest & quintessential trip for next Samhain or Halloween with dressing up as a vampiress.

5/10/2021 by Ashley Woodring (OH, united states)

Had no complaints. The whole process went smooth. The only issue was with fed ex, they delivered to the wrong door, but I received it so that's ok. I will definitely recommend to friends. Thank you.

5/10/2021 by lp ( united states)

Very easy

5/10/2021 by Reba Troxell ( united states)

I love the polish, love the texts and Sales and definitely love the way my nails look!

5/9/2021 by Sharon Woods ( united states)

Only problem was that the little glass nail file was broken.

5/9/2021 by Barbara Johnsen ( united states)

Easy transaction

5/9/2021 by juanita edmonds ( united states)

It never gave me a place to enter my discount code

5/9/2021 by Pamela Johnston ( united states)

Wonderful, quality products!

by ( united states)

5/9/2021 by Suzanne Fischer ( united states)

Great!!!! Best polish ever

5/9/2021 by suzanne taylor ( united states)

Londontown is the best nail polish ever. Website is easy to use.

5/9/2021 by Verna Robertson ( united states)

Quick and easy what I like

5/9/2021 by verree valentine ( united states)


5/8/2021 by BG ( united states)

Lovely colors and formula. I will definitely buy more colors in the near future.

5/8/2021 by Kimlea Riggs ( united states)

5/8/2021 by Nancy Ritchie ( united states)

Quick and easy

5/8/2021 by Lisa Winn ( united states)

The BEST products.

5/8/2021 by Phyllis Miller ( united states)

Website is easy to find what you're looking for. I love how it displays the colors in your nails. Makes it easier to make your selectiin. Promt shipping, great products!

5/8/2021 by Phyllis Miller ( united states)

Overall experience with Londontown has been effortless and great!

5/8/2021 by Constance Boecklen ( united states)


5/8/2021 by Kathleen DeRobbio ( united states)

quick and easy

5/8/2021 by Susan Skoczypiec ( united states)

Always perfect.

5/7/2021 by R Ralston ( united states)

Fast.. efficient..informative
Easy to navigate
Clear concise instructions as to using product

5/7/2021 by Desiree Kelly ( united states)

Everything is great.

5/7/2021 by karen browner ( united states)

took me many tries to get your site to charge my purchase to paypal

5/7/2021 by Debbie Lewis ( united states)


5/6/2021 by Dina Painter ( united states)

Fast delivery, a bit more money than the drugstore, but I really like the gel base and topcoat.

5/6/2021 by Deborah Catacosinos ( united states)


5/6/2021 by DB ( united states)

Ordering was easy. Product came when expected, in a timely manner, and product was as expected and described. I was able to get three product I was looking for which I could not find sold at stores near me.

5/6/2021 by Debbie Bowen ( united states)

Super Easy, I just love Londontown

5/5/2021 by Kim Mcpherson ( united states)

Love the website, nice color depiction, easy pay.

5/5/2021 by Sheba Johnson ( united states)

Fast checkout

5/5/2021 by Carol-Sue Durr ( united states)

Easy. Clear. Easily went back to add to order

5/4/2021 by Margaret Russell ( united states)

Wonderful products and good service!

5/4/2021 by Diane Garrett ( united states)

Very easy and convenient!

5/4/2021 by Elizabeth O'Toole ( united states)

Shopping was quick and easy. I already have my first order and am looking forward to add these items. They’ll make a wonderful gift for my daughter for Mother’s Day!

5/4/2021 by Laura Wardrop ( united states)

Easy to shop

5/4/2021 by ST ( united states)

Best nail polish for home manicurists. And its a bonus its less toxic than others. Follow their directions and your manicure will stay!

5/4/2021 by YOLANDA DIAZ ( united states)


5/4/2021 by Yvonne ( united states)

Live the nail polishes and nail products. Easy to use web site

5/3/2021 by Diane Plotek (QK, united states)

Love your product and colours. Great overall. Has completely replaced my other brand.

5/3/2021 by Brenda Winkler ( united states)

Easy ordering, with prompt service and delivery

5/3/2021 by Karen Perine ( united states)

I haven’t purchased anything from you in a few years but I like it your products.

5/3/2021 by Karolyn Anderson ( united states)

Easy to navigate! I'm impressed with the intuitive layout of the site!

5/3/2021 by Mary Miller ( united states)


5/2/2021 by Herlean Younce ( united states)

New order. I’ll review after I receive my items and let you know.

5/2/2021 by Carmen Jimenez ( united states)


5/2/2021 by Ellen Davis ( united states)

great website with complete info

5/2/2021 by Soojung Yoo ( united states)

It was normal

5/1/2021 by Sharon (GA, united states)

I love this product. Really helped the appearance of my nails. Would definitely recommend.

5/1/2021 by JO ECKenrode ( united states)

Great. This product is wonderful

5/1/2021 by Mrs. G. (PA, united states)

Top coat is great. Super shiny.

Ridge filler works well in smoothing the nail before applying color.

5/1/2021 by C Crocker ( united states)


5/1/2021 by Alethia Gauthier ( united states)


5/1/2021 by Deborah Carpenter ( united states)

Went very quickly.

5/1/2021 by Kellie Liacopoulos ( united states)

Fast, easy and I love how each nail color is displayed!

5/1/2021 by Kimberly Poleshuk ( united states)

Ordered before came back for the fabulous nail file (glass) was super easy sent a code done. Great.

5/1/2021 by Pamela Pyeatt ( united states)

Love the polish love the ordering!

5/1/2021 by Patricia Ingalls ( united states)

Very good

4/30/2021 by Leanne Bucci ( united states)

Thank you!

4/30/2021 by Kellie Klumpp ( united states)

Quick and easy, site decently navigable by phone, happy so far.

4/30/2021 by Hedy Bingham ( united states)


4/30/2021 by Lillian Feldman ( united states)

Love being able to use Amazon pay

4/30/2021 by Suzanne Desmarais ( united states)


4/29/2021 by Donna Shultz ( united states)

love this polish. Very easy checkout!

4/29/2021 by Eva Clement ( united states)

Very good.

4/29/2021 by Joann Black ( united states)

Quick and easy.

4/29/2021 by karen mays ( united states)

Love the consistency of the nail color.

4/29/2021 by Kim Esson ( united states)

Frustrated because I cannot get out of this window.

4/29/2021 by Susan McClinton ( united states)

So far so good

4/29/2021 by Terry Thompson ( united states)

Very easyx

4/28/2021 by Carol Taylor ( united states)

Easy to browse and order!

4/28/2021 by England, Kris (CA, united states)

I love your products.

4/28/2021 by Yvette Wulff ( united states)

Quick and easy

4/28/2021 by Ada Kersey ( united states)

Good. Worked as expected.

4/28/2021 by Josi Rapoport ( united states)

Good experience. I would like more information on the nail care products...what they are and what they do.

4/28/2021 by Karen Jones ( united states)

It is so great. Love my nails

4/28/2021 by Lynn Amidon ( united states)

Website easy to use

4/28/2021 by MARY HODAL ( united states)

Easy peasy

4/28/2021 by Renee Johnston ( united states)

A little tough to navigate but I was able to figure it out

4/28/2021 by Robin Shaeffer ( united states)

First time purchase. Can’t wait to get the products!

4/27/2021 by Cherice Luckey ( united states)

It was very clear and direct.

4/27/2021 by Dori Allibon ( united states)

I'll let you know after I receive my order.

4/27/2021 by Elaine Moore ( united states)


4/27/2021 by Jean Marie Dillon ( united states)

Londontown has always provided great service.

4/27/2021 by Margaret Tober ( united states)

Very conveniently fast

4/27/2021 by Martha Cotton ( united states)

I don’t like having to give my number for text
Messages after giving an email
Address. Cheesy.

4/26/2021 by Lucila Jumellez ( united states)

Fantastic the products is great

4/26/2021 by Doralee Kokami ( united states)

Shopping with Londontown was fine, no problems.

4/26/2021 by Lewayne Villa ( united states)


4/26/2021 by Gary Regal ( united states)


4/26/2021 by Jeanne Vaudrin ( united states)


4/26/2021 by Joanne T Stern ( united states)

Easy, uncomplicated.

4/26/2021 by Kristine Griffin ( united states)

We will see when I try the polish.

4/26/2021 by Mrs. Bernard Hete ( united states)

I like how easy it is to get around your organized website! And the pictures of different colors of skin with the nails is key information for online shopping!

4/26/2021 by ROSEANN Sparaco ( united states)

It was fun

4/25/2021 by Linda Donner (MO, united states)

Great colors to choose from! Arrives in non-breakable packaging and gets to me fast!

4/25/2021 by Emily Billings (TX, united states)

Love the colors and the photos on different hands.

4/24/2021 by Fiona Garza ( united states)

We are a professional salon in San Francisco. It was challenging finding out wholesale information, products and pricing. We wanted to try some products and hopefully start using inside our spa.

4/24/2021 by Arlecia Thomas (TX, united states)

It was easy to order.

4/24/2021 by Avia Bell ( united states)

Quick and easy

4/24/2021 by karen topolovec ( united states)

so far so good

4/24/2021 by Paula Jaegge ( united states)

Ordering was made very easy. Can’t wait to receive the product as I’ve admired it on a friend of mine and it lasts.

4/24/2021 by Pilar Daley ( united states)

amazing products

4/23/2021 by Barbara Parchan ( united states)


4/23/2021 by Brenda Winkler ( united states)

Super easy to order. Looking forward to trying out the beautiful colors.

4/23/2021 by Brenda Winkler ( united states)

Easy to purchase online.

4/23/2021 by Linda Edwards ( united states)

Process straightforward and convenien

4/23/2021 by Linda Edwards ( united states)

Process straightforward and convenient

4/23/2021 by Mary Kozakiewicz ( united states)


4/23/2021 by Maureen Levy ( united states)

very good

4/23/2021 by Mrs. Linda Henderson ( united states)

Very efficient.

4/23/2021 by Tracy Haklar ( united states)

Love it!

4/22/2021 by Miranda Gibson ( united states)

Easy to navigate and checkout.

4/22/2021 by Aida Handt ( united states)

I have used London Town products prior and really like most of your products. I was specifically looking for the products I brought today..

4/22/2021 by Micah Mathews ( united states)

4/22/2021 by Toni Gonzalez ( united states)


4/22/2021 by Alex Speak ( united states)

I wish there were more recovery kits that offered some pricing breaks.

4/22/2021 by Amelia Walker ( united states)

This was my first order and I had the the 30% code word Earth Day but I was not given the chance to use it. At the very least I should’ve gotten the 20% for a first order.

4/22/2021 by Diane Barber ( united states)

great descriptions of products and i appreciate the how-to-use instructions

4/22/2021 by Elaine Holbrook ( united states)

Quick and easy!

4/22/2021 by Felicia Krumbeck ( united states)

Easy to find colors in groups .

4/22/2021 by Jessica Burke ( united states)


4/22/2021 by Renata Tyryllo ( united states)

So far so good!

4/22/2021 by Rita Samela ( united states)

Could not place all items ordered in one order - time consuming but my fault due to my lack of on-line knowledge ordering

4/22/2021 by Sandra Midgley ( united states)


4/22/2021 by Terry Thompson ( united states)

Very user friendly.

4/21/2021 by Alyse Friedman ( united states)

Nice website. Easy to navigate. Lots of great colors to choose from.

4/21/2021 by Naomi West ( united states)

Love These products!!

4/21/2021 by Patty Ryan ( united states)

Shipping charge is high

4/21/2021 by Sharon Ott ( united states)

I wish the check out was easier for discounts & afterpay options.

4/21/2021 by Dawn Beeghly ( united states)

Always easy to navigate and love that the promotion to try new products ~ like the Radiant Oil!!

4/21/2021 by Marie Callahan ( united states)

It was amazing!! I just got an earth day discount! Yay! I accidentally added the wrong item to my cart and a customer service rep fixed my issue within minutes. 5 star service!!

4/21/2021 by Marlene Clark ( united states)

Response has been awesome when you have a question or concern

4/21/2021 by Tracy Moskal ( united states)

Great Sale. Easy ordering.

4/21/2021 by Willene Harris ( united states)

quick and eas

4/20/2021 by patrice evancho (PA, united states)

great company to work with. wonderful products and great customer service

4/20/2021 by Stacey Soudjian ( united states)

Great shopping experience! Easy to navigate… Quick check out! Very efficient. Will definitely order again!!

4/20/2021 by Jane M Scheiber ( united states)

This is my second order with Londontown and I’m very pleased. Easy ordering, timely delivery, beautiful and safe packaging and outstanding products brought me back! ❤️

4/20/2021 by Lisa Gondek ( united states)

Very easy

4/20/2021 by Lori Read ( united states)

I loved it! Beautiful web site!

4/20/2021 by Robert Berman ( united states)


4/19/2021 by Annet Dittmer ( united states)

Ordering as so straight forward. It was a good experience.

4/19/2021 by Helen Hall ( united states)

Very easy and quick. Would be nice if more options in colors and kits. Thanks Londontown.

4/19/2021 by Kimberly Harrison ( united states)

Easy shopping experience

4/19/2021 by Peggy Snyder ( united states)

Easy to find the products I needed. Check out was quick and painless.

4/19/2021 by Susan Maxwell ( united states)

Good web site. Hopeful I like these shades as much in person.

4/19/2021 by Tammy Griffin ( united states)

Quick and easy

4/18/2021 by Judith Rogers ( united states)

Your website and products are difficult to follow. Some are under Londontown, some London townUSA, some Kur, some other title

4/18/2021 by Jacquelyn Walters ( united states)

Very quick and available

4/18/2021 by Jean Desterhazy ( united states)

Quick turn around time and highly recommend your product.

4/17/2021 by Cynthia Hawkes ( united states)

Easily found what I needed.

4/17/2021 by Elaine k Clark ( united states)

A difficult in the check out process!

4/17/2021 by Kim Vermette ( united states)

Always easy to shop at Londontown, love their site and ease of access, as well as checkout process and the products always arrive safely

4/17/2021 by Laura Stockdale ( united states)

Ordering was quick and easy.Ordering was quick and easy.

4/17/2021 by Sheree Dunn ( united states)


4/16/2021 by SANDRA Olson ( united states)

Havent tried product yet

4/16/2021 by DEBORAH HUNCKLER ( united states)

Love every product I have purchased!

4/16/2021 by Janette Martin ( united states)

Quick and easy.

nice display of nail polish choices by Marcile Marcile-Petrilli ( united states)

Easy shopping and ordering process

4/15/2021 by Suzanne Schoenfelder ( united states)

Looking forward to trying!

4/15/2021 by Britony Buxton ( united states)


4/15/2021 by Janice Cmeyla ( united states)

So easy to shop and such BEAUTIFUL colors! I have a few bottles already and these polishes are by far the BEST I've ever used!

4/15/2021 by Laura Cohen ( united states)


4/15/2021 by Pamela Rhoad ( united states)


4/14/2021 by Sherry Mistro ( united states)

Easy and fast!

4/14/2021 by Betty Bennett ( united states)

Easy simple accurate

4/14/2021 by Carrie Coots ( united states)

I am very satisfied with the website and shopping experience, & checkout was so simple

4/14/2021 by Colleen Brose ( united states)


4/14/2021 by Gail Travers ( united states)

No issues

4/14/2021 by Jennifer Nethery ( united states)


4/14/2021 by Judy Gross ( united states)

Easy, clear direction on website and fast.

4/14/2021 by Kim Bridges ( united states)

Loved the choices.

4/14/2021 by Loved the choices. ( united states)

I appreciated the different skin tones for some of the colors. Please do that for all of them or at least your best sellers.

4/14/2021 by Patricia Geffen ( united states)

Love the products!

4/14/2021 by Toni Roohr ( united states)

Easy peasy.

4/13/2021 by Barbara DeMaida ( united states)

Love the colors

4/13/2021 by Alyson Wickenheisser ( united states)

Simple easy process

4/13/2021 by Lauren Bingham ( united states)


4/13/2021 by Leah Reames ( united states)

easy site to navigate and i got a discount code

4/13/2021 by Chere Reddersdorf ( united states)

I love this stuff!

4/13/2021 by Dauna Gomez ( united states)

It is so easy to shop here. And I love the color selections. But the best thing is that you have nail lacquers that I can use. Every other polish and remover that I've ever tried has caused so much pain to my nails!

4/13/2021 by Dorothy Lee ( united states)

Love the nail polish, the colors are awesome!

4/13/2021 by Elizabeth Long ( united states)


4/13/2021 by Jenise Whiting ( united states)


4/13/2021 by Lisa Burns ( united states)

Amazing products and company.

4/13/2021 by Lori Vaughan Lacey ( united states)

Like user interface and Amazon pay option. Products are great / getting to know them.

4/13/2021 by Roberta Winans ( united states)

I love your products and the ease of navigating your website.

4/13/2021 by Robin Dolezal ( united states)

Quick and easy process to order online

4/13/2021 by Sandy Lambert ( united states)

Hope this color is as pretty as in the ad. This is what I've been searching for. Thx

4/13/2021 by Sharon Ott ( united states)

I love londontown products!

4/12/2021 by Kathryn Kroll ( united states)

Fast and efficient!thank you

4/12/2021 by Kelli Holland ( united states)


4/12/2021 by Michelle S ( united states)

Products were available, shipped and received quickly.

4/12/2021 by Pat Daniels ( united states)

Great site with really nice products. Pricey, but they do have periodic discounts.

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