Nail Decals - Cosmic
Nail Decals - Cosmic
Nail Decals - Cosmic
Nail Decals - Cosmic

Nail Decals - Cosmic

Nail art made easy.
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Nail art you can’t get enough of. Made to inspire self-expression and designed with artistry in mind, each sticker sheet features an assortment of nail decals that allows you to create a custom manicure. Each design is printed with no-fade ink and stays put once you lock your design in place with a kur top coat. 

Cosmic: out-of-this-world designs that will make your manicure pop

Gently peel a sticker off the sheet and place on the nail where desired (using tweezers, if desired, for added precision). Once your design is complete, finish with 1-2 layers of any clear kur® top coat to seal into place. For best results, reapply top coat every 3-4 days to help extend wear time.

To remove Nail Decals saturate a cotton pad with remover and firmly hold on top of the nail for 5 seconds. This will help to loosen the bond between your nail and the sticker adhesive, follow by wiping the nail a few times with the cotton, then use your fingers or a tweezer to remove the sticker.



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