April 17th, 2021

Our Sustainability Promise

In short: we’re all about creating beauty that’s good for you and our planet.

Sustainability has been a buzzword as of late. We’re not complaining; any movement towards collective betterment, no matter the original intention, is a step in the right direction. Now more than ever, mindful creation and consumption are key to our health and that of our planet’s—and as we continue to make strides in technology and research, sustainability measures can only be improved.

It’s important for us to stress, then, how our commitment to sustainable practices is anything but linear. There is no finish line for doing better. The goal is simply to continue doing our best, which includes remaining open to all necessary changes.


A thoughtful approach to “clean beauty” (which to us, means the intersection of safe and effective formulations) is the first step towards sustainability. We formulate with natural botanicals and plant-based ingredients wherever possible, and when necessary, choose safe synthetics. Synthetics are utilized when they serve as a more sustainable, efficacious, or vegan alternative to the natural ingredient.

Present day, all but two of our products are vegan. We’re working towards being 100% plant-based without sacrificing product efficacy, so once we’ve perfected our new-and-improved formulations for kur 2-in-1 hand Hand & Nail Treatment and Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover, we’ll announce the changes.

We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Learn more about our definition and commitment to clean beauty.


Creating the best possible formulations isn’t enough; how we source our ingredients and where we manufacture our products matter, too. We’re selective with our partners, choosing only to work with suppliers and manufacturing facilities that care about its people and carbon footprint as much as we do.


A commitment to more sustainable practices calls for continued analysis of our contributions to waste. Recently, we made a major change in our lakur packaging. When you order your favorite red polish or pick up your go-to nude, you’ll notice that they’re no longer housed in a box. We realized that though the packaging was helpful in providing more information about our polishes’ 16-free formulation, it ended up being more harmful (to the environment) than helpful.


In addition, all skin and bodykur products are packaged in glass components or recyclable materials. Kur Whipped Cloud Hand Cream, for example, features a tube made of 100% sugarcane packaging. To learn about additional packaging changes we’ve made to help minimize waste, take a look at our pledge.


We’re excited about what’s on the horizon. Expect a recycling program soon, plus, new product collections that marry all the best in clean and green beauty.


Here’s to a better, brighter future.


With Love,


Team Londontown


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