5 Tips for Being a Smart Sale Shopper

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One of the things we love most about beauty products is how something so small can be such a powerful pick-me-up. A new bottle of nail polish or a really good hand cream makes a slightly astonishing difference in your daily routine, and it can feel like such an extravagant treat to get something new, even if it rings up under twenty bucks.

An even better feeling, of course, is snapping up those little luxuries when they’re on sale. 


Keep these five smart sale tips in mind whenever you’re cruising for beauty bargains. Savvy shopping looks really good on you.

1. Time it right

    Instead of impulse shopping when the urge strikes, put on your calendar your favorite brands’ regular sales. (Most companies repeat their major sale events year after year.) Note when they mark down prior seasons’ remaining inventory or put new goods on sale for a limited time so you can get what you want when it makes the most sense to check out. Use sales as your opportunity to stock up on classics over trends and your go-to replenishables, like nail polish remover, base coat, and top coat.

    2. Make a list

      Keep a running list of things you know you want to stock up on when the price reaches ::chef’s kiss::. Your phone’s notes app and Pinterest are both excellent for this purpose. Include not only the things you want to buy for yourself but the upcoming birthday gifts and thank-yous that you already know you’re going to need to pick up—think giftable sets for teachers at the end of the school year or stocking stuffers for the holidays.  

      3. Use filters online

      To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and making rash choices at checkout, be strategic about how you’re perusing a website. Avoid “Shop All” and instead focus your search on the categories of things you usually buy. Sort endless search results by best sellers or your favorite colors, then scan one or two results pages, tops. Fewer choices actually make people happier, and you’ll be more satisfied with your loot if it suits your needs versus scratching a fleeting itch.

      4. Shop stores’ exclusive sales

      So many of our favorite retailers sell lots of different brands, so remember to scope out department stores during their own big deal days throughout the year, like the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or Ulta Beauty’s Big Summer Beauty event.

      5. Sign up before you check out

      Your email address unlocks loads of added benefits. In exchange for sharing your info or creating an account, you’ll typically get a percentage off your first order, or free or expedited shipping, not to mention loyalty rewards, exclusives, or early access to deals.

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