Botanical Radiance Oil 

We’re beauty maximalists when it comes to color, but when it comes to kur, we formulate with precision, thoughtfulness, and care. We want better, not just more of the same. Beauty is skin deep, after all, and what you put on your skin matters.

Botanical Radiance Oil is an ode to our core philosophy. It’s the minimalist’s dream and the beauty junkie’s ultimate holy grail product. Made for all skin types and a multitude of uses, Botanical Radiance Oil was designed to add luxury into your every day. A blend of 100% naturally-derived botanicals and skincare-grade oils—without any added fragrance or dyes—ensures true multi-purpose usage. Apply it to your face, body, skin, or nails; use it daily or as a self-care treat.

How you choose to incorporate Botanical Radiance Oil into your routine is up to you; that’s the beauty of it. Customize your glow, add a touch of dewiness and hydration from head to toe. And if you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

These are a few of our favorite ways to use Botanical Radiance Oil:


  • For daily moisturization. Apply 2-4 drops directly to clean skin for a beautiful glow that never feels heavy or tacky. If you need more moisture, mix a few drops with a face cream of your choice. It’ll add an extra boost of nourishment (plus a host of multi-correctional benefits) to boost your skincare.
  • For a spa-like upgrade to your at-home facial massages. Botanical Radiance Oil is the product to pair with your jade or rose quartz rollers, gua sha routine, or any other tools. Apply liberally; the texture allows any tool (or your hands!) to glide across the complexion, all while delivering antioxidant-rich moisture to the skin.
  • For a boost of radiance and skincare benefits to your makeup. Mix 1-3 drops of Botanical Radiance Oil to infuse all those skin-loving benefits into your foundation or concealer. You’ll also find that your base now blends with ease for a natural, skin-like finish.


  • For a moisturizing treatment. Apply a few drops immediately after the shower—while your hair is still damp—to lock in hydration and smooth your hair’s cuticles. Concentrate the application from the mid-length to the ends of your hair.
  • For a smoothing finish on any hair style. To help de-frizz and add shine to any style, warm 1-2 drops of Botanical Radiance Oil between the palms of your hands and run them through the length of the hair.


  • For cuticle care. Less is more: use Botanical Radiance Oil as you would a cuticle oil, massaging it into the nail area to nourish and soften dry, flaky skin.
  • For moisture-intensive hand care. If your hands are parched from all the sanitizing and hand-washing, try this. Mix a few drops of Botanical Radiance Oil with Restorative Hand Cream to create an ultra-comforting, rich treat. You’ll find that dry skin gets the relief it craves, and hands feel softer, smoother, and better than before.


With Love,

Team Londontown

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