All About Get Well Nail Recovery

All About Get Well Nail Recovery

A love letter to our post-gel, post-acrylic — in short: post-apocalyptic—antidote.

All About Get Well Nail Recovery

At some point in our lives, most of us have dabbled in acrylics or have held long-term relationships with gels. After a few sets—or sometimes as soon as the first removal—what’s left behind is often just enough to inspire us to:

  • Swear off gels/acrylics forever, because the damage simply isn’t worth it, or
  • Drive us right back to them, because no amount of regular polish can hide thin, peeling nails.

There’s no shame or judgement with either course of action. It’s because we’ve been you (and because some of us at Londontown HQ are still like you… even with access to the best clean nail polishes at our fingertips), we knew we needed to create a product to rectify the damage done after a set of false nails. Something to fortify the nail plate and restore smoothness to its surface. A basecoat-serum hybrid.

And that’s how Get Well Nail Recovery—the ultimate intensive care for nails in need of post-gel or post-acrylic TLC—was born.

It’s formulated without the chemicals that contribute to nail weakening, yellowing, or peeling, of course: there’s no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, barium sulfate, ethyl tosylamide, acetone, or benzyl benzoate. Instead, this product is packed with nail-loving ingredients that work not only to beautify the look of nails on application, but help revive distressed nails from the inside out.

In it, you’ll find a blend of of:

  • Florium Complex, our proprietary oil blend that contains conditioning oils, nutrient botanicals, and antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B5, to help strengthen the look and feel of brittle or weak nails
  • Vitamin C, a free radical-fighting, brightening antioxidant
  • Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), for nail rejuvenation

Apply Get Well Nail Recovery directly to bare nails for instant gratification, but use it twice a week for long-term results. If you can’t bear to go bare just yet, don’t worry: we thought about that, too. Use Get Well Nail Recovery as your base coat, and add any lakur of your choosing. (Not because we’re biased—although we are—but because a super-clean, care-infused polish that lets your nails breathe is exactly what your tired nails need.)

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  • Kate

    I made the mistake of getting a “dip” manicure in December, just before going on vacation. My nails looked beautiful and I was happy to have pretty nails for my trip. Then I got home and a couple of weeks later my dip manicure looked pretty bad. I took the time to soak and remove the nails, only to find how damaged they really were. I knew I’d make a mistake that I would be paying for, for a long time. So, I’ve purchased all the Londontown repair products with the hope that my nails can be restored once more. I will NEVER get a dip or gel manicure again!!

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