Forget everything you know or assume to be true about concealer as a category, because at Londontown we don't prescribe to traditional defintions. We rewrite them. 


illuminating nail concealer


At first glance, yes—Illuminating Nail Concealer gives the illusion of perfect, natural nails. Its presence is nearly undetectable, yet delivers the ultimate “my-nails-but-(much!)-better” look. 

What you see is transformative, to say the least: one to two coats erases all signs of discoloration and unveils a picture-perfect mani.

In the bottle, the polish appears as a creamy white. Hold it up against the light you’ll see a suggestion of shimmer (a sheen that seems to flash a hint blue) which is especially effective at counteracting discoloration. Though barely perceptible, the iridescence in the milky formula adds that extra oomph for a healthy-looking glow. Any yellowing is neutralized and nails appear bright—and because it provides a sheer veil of color, Illuminating Nail Concealer is universally flattering for all skin tones.



illuminating nail concealer

Under this luminizing wash of color, though, is a formula hard at work to beautify nails from the inside out. This is a UV-filtering polish designed to help defend against free radicals and prevent future discoloration with ingredients like:

- Lime Tree Extract, a nourishing, antioxidant-rich botanical, and

- Porcelain Flower Extract, an LT-favorite ingredient derived from a shiny white flower, infused to add brilliance with application. 

Use it regularly to see a difference or in between manicures when your nails need to breathe, but aren’t quite ready to go bare… yet. (Like: after dark polishes that might’ve left a stain, post-gel removal, or after a set of damaging acrylics.) 

Here’s how we recommend applying Illuminating Nail Concealer to maximize all of its benefits:

1. Start with clean, bare nails. For best results, wipe down each nail with a non-stripping polish remover and give your nails a gentle scrub.

 2. Apply one to two coats of the nail concealer. One layer gives a sheer wash; two provides more coverage. Just make sure you wait in between coats to allow each layer to dry.

3. Top it all off with your favorite top coat. This step is optional, but highly recommended if you want to add shine or extended wear to your polish.

It’s that simple.  


With love,


The LT Team


Illuminating Nail Concealer

illuminating nail concealer


“It’s like nail makeup. Unobtrusive but transforming.”


- Divina D.

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letter from our founder


To our LT newcomers, Londontown loyalists, or any who are just curious.


Get Well Nail Recovery


For nails in need of intensive love and care..



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  • Londontown

    Hi Janet! We’d recommend Get Well Nail Recovery!

  • Liz

    Any free samples? I would love to try your product. Working at Walmart all the ladies get their nails done at the salon which I can’t afford
    I have been using Sally’s Pure (plant based) which I am getting alot of compliments on how pretty my nails look. I would like to compare the two. Plus you would get some advertising!

  • Janet Seljan

    Want to make my nails healthy they peel what is recommended

  • Londontown Inc

    Hi Bonnie,

    Thank you for reaching out. If you are having issues with your nails such as peeling and breaking we recommend our Get Well Recovery it is a recovery treatment that can be used after gels or acrylics, or if your nails need extra TLC it is infused with a blend of powerful hydrators and strengtheners for distressed nails! Please reach out to us at if you have any further questions.

    Best, Team Londontown.

  • Bonnie

    Not a comment but a question.. when I have used ANY nail polish my nails will peel & break and all of them will be gone within 2 weeks.. why? And is this different than other polishes? As far as ingredients.
    Thank You

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