A little inspiration to get your mani in a fall mood.


Nail Polish Color Combos

Although we love a classic, monochromatic manicure, we can’t help but fall for the resurgence of the multicolor mani. (After all: we’re proprietors of polish and bona fide lovers of color.) Those trending tonal or full-on rainbow looks are just as timeless in our opinion—and not to mention, the perfect way to spruce up your DIY nail routine while letting every polish in your collection shine.

If you’re not sure where to start or which color pairings are most complementary, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite nail polish color combinations this fall:



If you’re craving change but prefer a subtle statement—or perhaps you have a favorite color you can’t get enough of—stick to your main color and get creative by choosing different shades within that group. Apply the polishes in an order that creates a gradient, ombré effect from lightest to darkest, or switch things up for a more eclectic, je ne sais quoi look.

For a more tonal color inspiration, shop by shade.


Berry Nude

Blueberry and cream


Change things up with unique color combinations or unexpected finishes amongst classic crèmes. There’s no wrong combination—and truly, this is where you can tailor your polish palette to your look or mood.



Let’s see your favorite color combos! Show us your multicolor mani by tagging us over at  @londontownusa.


With Love,

Team Londontown

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