Top 10 Nail Color Trends of Summer 2024

Nail Color Trends 2024

When it comes to nail color, it feels like we’re living in this renaissance period where anything goes. From neutrals that blend seamlessly with your skintone to vivid hues repping every band of the rainbow, there’s a way for everybody to get their manicure game on in a way that feels authentic.

Of course, trends haven’t gone away for good. Some styles have a way of resurfacing at certain times of the year. Others will feel like a fun, new surprise. For every timeless red and balletcore pink, this season you’re as likely to find a buttery yellow and pool blue. 

We’re here to walk you through the biggest, best nail color trends of summer 2024. All that’s left for you to do is choose your hues.


Inspired by Peach Fuzz, the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year, this summer shade makes so much sense at this moment. Sheer and shimmery or plush and opaque, peach polish channels the warmth of a ripe, sun-warmed peach at a picnic, the juice dripping down your arm. It’s sunrise and a Bellini at the beach. It’s the absolute best of everything you want out of days like these.

Try It: lakur in Paloma (also available in gel color)


Taking the peachy palette to a more saturated place is the spicy, intense orange trend we’re seeing for the season. Citrus tones are generally a major do this time of year; you don’t need to look any farther than the orange slice-garnished Aperol Spritz in your perfectly manicured hand.

Try It: lakur in Piccadilly Square


Tomatoes on the vine. Roses and poppies. A bonfire burning away in the backyard. There are few hues more evocative of June, July, and August than a bright, bold red that’s as excellent on nails as it is on toes. Get the vibes without the garden from nail polishes that impart an orange undertone to a true-blue red. 

Try It: lakur in Double the Deck


Believe it or not, yellow is having a major moment in the sun. Beloved for its mood-boosting powers, sunshine in a bottle is currently spanning softer shades (think melted butter on corn) to true New York taxicab all the way up to neon tennis balls. Give this fun trend a try at whichever intensity level you like (and your tan supports). 

Try It: lakur in Buttercup (also available in gel color)


Call it aqua, turquoise, or Tiffany blue; whatever you call it, this distinctive green-blue hue is having a moment. It’s festive, it’s aquatic, it’s warm, and it makes the most sense in warm weather. We recommend it on toes for a playful pop of color that pairs equally well with sand and surf.

Try It: lakur in Reverse the Charges


Evoking Capri’s Blue Grotto or the Pacific Ocean lapping Hawaii’s shores, this saturated, vibrant true blue feels very fresh and new right now. Bring a bit of coastal chic wherever you go with a few coats of this cool mid-blue, and it’s all smooth sailing.

Try It: lakur in Hot Spring (also available in gel color)


More of a finish than a color, the fine sparkle trend spans silver, chrome, pearly white, and pastels. It’s giving fairy, mermaid, glazed donut—all the high-shine makeup looks you’re seeing trending on TikTok, now for nails. A stroke or two of sun-reflecting shimmer gives this effect over your color of choice.     

Try It: kur Illuminating Nail Concealer in Original


Understated, natural nails are a year-round yes; the summer shade is a warm, creamy white that goes with your every outfit. For a minimalist, easy-chic update on your usual neutrals or French mani, lean towards a mellow off-white (as opposed to correction-fluid bright). Bonus: chips are nearly impossible to notice. 

Try It: lakur in Chelsea Porcelain


The color is Barbie pink. The finish is translucent. The effect is ridiculously pretty. Inspired by the stained effect you get from eating a popsicle, these sheer pinks (pale or more of a magenta) feel just right for summer.

Try It: kur Perfecting Nail Veil in #7


We all know the nineties are back, and so are the delicate nail polish looks. You won’t go wrong with opaque, creamy pastels—mint green, pale pink, lemon ices, baby blue—reminiscent of ice cream scoops and butterfly barrettes. And should you be stuck in the office all summer, this is the perfect way to wear color without going overboard.

Try It: lakur in Mint No Chip (also available in gel color)




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