Wedding & Graduation Party Nail Trends

Get inspired—because we have nail polish ideas and inspiration for every occasion this season.

There’s so much to celebrate—warm weather, the start of summer, weddings, graduations, the world opening up again (slowly, but surely). Hope is on the horizon… as is all the planning to come.

With so many events on the docket (and just as many looks to plan for each one), we’ve put together a guide to our prettiest wedding nail polish colors and graduation manis. From subtle and sophisticated to unapologetically bold, there’s a shade for everyone.

Find your perfect polish:

For The Bride & Bridal Party

  • Princess Awaits - the wedding white a bride deserves: sheer, subtle, and shimmering.
  • Chelsea Porcelain - milky cream that complements any gown and every skin tone.
  • Murray Me - sweet, French vanilla cream: the perfect, warm-toned neutral.
  • Mauve Over - dusty rose that adds just enough color without detracting from the dress—or you.
  • Honeymoon - sophisticated, tea rose pink for the classic romantic.
  • Pink Sands - ladylike rosewood with depth for the modern bride.


  • Invisible Crown - soft, sheer pink that looks every bit as effortless and sophisticated as you do.
  • Royal Wedding - optimistic crème coral, perfect for any cheery, outdoor wedding.
  • Londoner Love - hot red to celebrate a red-hot romance.
  • Gilded - metallic yet muted, champagned gold to make all your jewelry pop.
  • Kissed by Rose Gold - romantic with a hint of edge for a sparkling mani throughout the night. 
  • Opal - shimmering lilac that pairs well with beachside vows and dancing at sunset.

See more wedding nail polish shades here.


  • Sandstone - the ultimate neutral: a fresh, warm linen that complements any graduation gown.
  • Jane Austen - an ode to every lit class taken (and every 30-page paper written).
  • Peach Pop - pastel apricot since you’re peachy-keen on post-grad freedom! 
  • Cafè Au Lait - milk tea taupe (because lattes only from here on out; black coffee and double espressos are habits of yesteryear).


  • Pliè - the picture-perfect ballet slipper pink: soft, sophisticated, and pairs perfectly with every look.
  • Summer Fling - go for the bold, hot pink because you’re here to party.
  • Rosé All Day - glittery rose gold made for all the clinking and cheers to come.
  • Brill-ant - high-shine metallic lavender; you’re celebrating a brilliant grad, after all.

Another idea: picking a polish that matches the school colors! See more polishes here.


With Love,

Team Londontown

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