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Winter skin is rough. As beautiful as the winter months are with its snow fall, and fun festivities, we always seem to forget the stress that it puts on our skin. You may be feeling like your skin is dry, cracking, and is not glowing as it usually does. Dry skin in the colder months is often because of humidity levels dropping. In the winter, our skin also loses some ability to hold moisture, which results in that dry, tight, and cracking skin that we all experience during these months. Compounded with all the extra washing we’re doing because of the pandemic, this is one of the driest winters our skin has yet to face.


In this week's Letters from Londontown, we will be breaking down our favorite tips and we will be sharing our top Londontown product picks to keep that unwanted brittle winter skin at bay.




Step 1: Change Your Shower Routine

Keeping showers shorter, and not as hot are actually more beneficial for the skin in the winter. (We know it’s hard to not take a super-hot shower, when it’s so cold out). 

 Since adding our Botanical Radiance Oil to the Londontown collection, we’ve found that there are so many uses, combating dry and flaky skin. Here are just a few: 



    • Use it as a scalp treatment to condition and eliminate dryness, because we know how bad your scalp can dry up in the Winter too.

    • Use it mixed in with your daily lotion after the shower/bath to add an extra layer of extreme moisture.

    • If you are taking a bath, we recommend adding a few drops of out Botanical Radiance Oil for added moisture and uplifting essential oils for an extra relaxing self- care moment. 


    Restorative Nail Cream

    Moisturizes & hydrate nails and cuticles depleted of their natural oil balance through this non-greasy, quick absorbing cream!



    : Double up on moisture with 2-in-1 Hand & Nail Treatment serum or Restorative Nail Cream after applying the oil. It’s important to do this while the skin is still damp to help penetrate the skin deeply. 


    Step 2: Glow All Day, Every Day.

    There are also some simple changes that you can add into your existing routine.


    • First, we recommend using a hand cream. Our Whipped Cloud Hand Cream is your new best friend if you are struggling with dry hands this winter. This unique hand cream is light to the touch and is nutrient-packed with plant oils and Hyaluronic Acid. This improves the look of dry hands upon application, fulfilling your smooth skin dreams this winter. (Add a couple drops of Botanical Radiance Oil for an extra surge of moisture). 
      Apply Whipped Cloud Hand Cream to hands whenever, wherever-but especially after hand washing to restore moisture and softness to skin. Dries quick and without residue. 





        Winter Skin Fix

        Whipped Cloud Hand Cream

        A moisturizing soft cream for touchable hands, always. Light to the touch and brimming with nourishing emollients, this hydrating hand cream takes hands from parches to silky-smooth.

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        • Next, make sure you're keeping yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water! Remember how we said that humidity levels are dropping, making your skin dry and flaky? If your skin doesn’t get enough water, not only will it become dry, it will also become even more prone to aging. 

        • Skin-care is so important these days, and we all use a bunch of different serums, and products for our skin, but your hands need some extra care as well! We recommend that you use our 2-in-1 Hand and Nail Treatment as an extra step in boosting moisture. (Plus, there’s a lot more benefits!)
          For the hands, this silky hand treatment uses a combination of luxurious ingredients such as antioxidants, and peptides that protect against dryness and signs of aging. The treatment also restores elasticity and firmness. For the nails, a powerful keratin peptide, infused into the treatment helps to strengthen the nail plate. 






            Nourishing Cuticle Oil


            Nourishing Cuticle Oil

            Need some extra moisture in your cuticles? We got you. This non-greasy and quick absorbing formula adds moisture while strengthening nails & extending the life of your manicure, which is basically a dream come true. For best use, apply a small amount of cuticle oil to cuticle daily, massaging in circular motions.

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              We hope these tips help you keep your skin looking hydrated, because glowing skin is always in.




              Team Londontown

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