Nail Care & Color

You’ve mastered your basics. Worked hard at—and perfected—your nailcare regimen.

Now, you’re ready to become a nail pro. 

The difference between intermediate and advanced is subtle, but the devil’s in the details: instead of being just comfortable with an at-home manicure routine, the expert is confident in it (and quite frankly, comfortable with skipping salon visits altogether). The precision you’ve learned while curating a kur care system custom to your nails’ needs is applied to the actual step-by-step polishing, too. You know your tools and aren’t afraid use them. You’re familiar with exactly which base and top coat combo to reach for depending on your nail’s condition du jour. In short, you know your nails inside out.


The tools of the trade may seem intimidating, but they’re a game-changer once you start incorporating the right ones into your nail grooming routine.

  • Emery boards are great to throw in your bag on the go (especially if you’re not one who’s precious with your purse or tote), but do consider keeping a glass file in your kit. Glass files offer expert shaping and gentle refining that helps prevent splitting, cracking or chipping. 
  • Replace your orange stick (if you have one) with a rubber-tipped cuticle pusher. The beveled edge allows you to shape overgrown or uneven cuticles without damaging your nail bed—and when paired with our Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover, it means you can skip the nerves that come with clipping and cutting altogether.
    (Plus, a #LondonTip: you can you use the edge to clean under your nails too, which is an important but oft forgotten step in preventing yellowing or discoloration of that distal free edge. Make sure you thoroughly clean the tool between every use!)
  • A nail buffer is the equivalent of a chef’s kiss. Whether you prefer a natural, no-polish look or love your color, a buffer is designed to help smooth the look of ridges and give the nail plate a high-shine finish.  


Londontown kur base coats are the equivalent of a makeup primer where for nails, they help prime the surface, prevent staining, and give your polish a durable foundation to bond with for longer, chip-free wear. If we get even more specific, the formula you choose matters: each base coat is designed to deliver a unique set of benefits and results. Because this layer sits directly atop your bare nails, think of it like a treatment: by choosing the right one for your nails, you’re able to customize your manicure—and visibly improve the look of your bare nails, too.


Your top coat also impacts the overall wear and look of your final manicure. Here’s how to choose the best one for your nails: 



 And because no guide is complete without insider tricks, here are some of our favorite tips that never fail to deliver fresh-out-of-salon results: 

  • If you’re a minimalist when it comes your manicure kit, stock it with Duplex Base & Top Coat, a convenient two-in-one formula that helps strengthen, prime, and seal your polish.
  • Our customized Pro Contour brushes, found in every polish bottle, ease the application process. (The brush fans out beautifully to give you the coverage you need without losing its precision, and the subtle curve of the tip is designed to hug the natural curve of your cuticle.) If you nick your nails in the process or dent your polish while it dries, do not fret: Instant Smudge Fix will erase any imperfections. 
  • Another kur essential for preventing smudges? Add a drop of Accelerating Drying Oil over your top coat to cut down dry time and seal your manicure within minutes.   


With Love,

Team Londontown

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