All About Pre-Prep Nail Dehydrator

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Why Do I Need a Nail Dehydrator?

For a brand that focuses so heavily on the importance of nail health—which requires a combination of hygiene, hydration and moisturization, and strength—it seems counterintuitive to have a nail dehydrator. The key thing to note about a nail dehydrator is that it’s a temporary step that’s part of your manicure prep routine that makes sure nail polish adheres more firmly to the nail plate for a longer-lasting manicure. In addition, it’s meant to thoroughly clean the nail of any oils, impurities, or creams that may interfere with how well your nails can absorb that good-for-you kur blend in every single one of our lakurs.

Think of it as a super thorough cleansing part of your nail routine. As soon you use the nail dehydrator, you’ll immediately be put back the essential moisture and hydration with a Londontown base coat, nail polish, or Perfecting Nail Veil.

What Makes Londontown Pre-Prep Nail Dehydrator So Unique?

Londontown Pre-Prep Nail Dehydrator was made deliver pro results that anyone can use whether you’re a nail artist or trying to level up your at-home nail routine. It’s thoughtfully formulated to maximize grip to extend the wear of your polishes without being aggressive on nails.

The dehydration effect is simply necessary only to remove the nail surface of anything that would affect the polish application; just follow with any Londonton kur or Florium Complex-infused product to restore moisture levels.

When Should I Use a Nail Dehydrator?

Nail dehydrators should be used before you start your mani/pedi routine—even before your base coat. Here’s when, and how, to use Londontown Pre-Prep Nail Dehydrator:

1. Start with clean, polish-free nails.

2. Apply one coat of the nail dehydrator to each nail.

3. For best results, apply Londontown Non-Acid Priming Bonder to each nail before going in with your base coat or polish of choice—this will be your dynamic duo for a long-lasting, chip-resistant manicure.


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