Nail Color Sets

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Save on nail polish sets and uncover the best of Londontown. With something special for every moment, mood, purpose, and occasion, you’re bound to find a set that works for you. Shop introductory nail polish kits, discovery sets, curated color stories, limited-edition collections, and more—all of which are designed to gift and keep.

Experience Chip-Resistant Color Meets Thoughtfully Clean Care

Our lakur sets give more than just high-impact color that apply like a dream: they’ve been specifically developed to wear like gels without the damage associated. Each polish is infused with our proprietary Florium Complex, a nail-loving blend that delivers the perfect balance of strength and moisturization to support nail health and healthy growth. And with our 21+ free promise, you know you’re only getting exactly what you need — and nothing you don’t (like drying or abrasive, harsh chemicals that can damage your nails in the long run).

Add our clean-without-compromise approach with our pro-approved, salon-grade formulas and you know you’re set with a mani that lasts: mix, match, and make each kit your own.


Polish in Good Conscience

Londontown nail polish sets are vegan and cruelty-free: a promise we’re proud to uphold in our commitment to creating thoughtfully clean beauty.

Get Self-Care, Simplified

By now we’re aware of just how crucial self-care can be, and yet nail care is often the lowest, or last, on that list. Our nail care sets make it easy to set (and follow) a regimen you can actually keep—but more importantly, they’re curated to help you enjoy the process so caring for your nails turns from a must-do to a ritual you truly love.

Start small: even just a Londontown base coat and top coat duo (which if packed with botanical benefits) can be transformative in how your nails look and feel. Once you’re there, move your way up: start adding our Cuticle Saver into your routine at-home mani prep. Soon, you’ll find yourself a bona fide nail care pro.

Discover Your Signature Colors—Or Try Something New

Every lakur kit is carefully curated to capture a specific mood, moment, or trend. If you know what you love and want to expand your nail wardrobe, our nail polish sets help you do just that—all while staying within the tones and shades you know work with your style best. If you’re not sure where to start (or are eager to expand your horizons), these kits help you play (and save!) on color. You’re bound to find something you love, from nudes and pinks to minimalist sheers and maximalist metallics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply the chip-resistant nail polish sets for the best results?

Begin with clean nails, and lay the foundation with a base coat. Apply two coats of your polish, letting each layer to dry for 1-2 minutes before going in with the next. Finish off with a top coat to lock in your lakur; this will add shine (or a matte finish, depending on what you prefer), maximize wear time, and help prevent chips and cracks throughout the next few days.

Are your nail polish sets suitable for all nail types?

Yes! Londontown nail polish sets are for all nail types.

Are your products sustainable?

Responsible sourcing is one of our main priorities. We’re proud to work with suppliers that care for the environment as much as we do, aiming to continuously improve our practices in responsible, ethical sourcing.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.

How long can Londontown nail polishes go without chipping?

Wear time depends on a number of factors, including your day-to-day, application technique, and whether or not you’ve used a base coat and top coat. For most who follow our recommended tips and steps for nail polish application—especially when finishing off their manicure or pedicure with our Gel Genius Top Coat—they’ve gotten over a week of high-shine, chip-resistant wear.