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Bodycare shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Instead, it deserves the same amount of precedence given to facial skincare. The products may be different (and rightfully so), but the approach should be similar; daily hydration and regular exfoliation are key to achieving—and maintaining—smooth, healthy-looking skin. Lead with ease and efficacy and witness the transformation: with the right products, simplicity with efficacy is possible.

Here’s how to care for your skin from the neck down: 


It’s not just about the radiance or glow (though both are welcome benefits that come with proper moisturization). This step is essential in helping your skin maintain its natural moisture levels and reduce common concerns like dullness, tightness, or even the look of dry fine lines. Make the most of it by reaching for your moisturizer or body oil immediately after your bath or shower: applying while your skin is still dewy helps lock in water for maximum hydration.  

  • For multi-correctional care and a beautiful sheen, use Botanical Radiance Oil. It’s packed with conditioning, emollient oils to deeply nourish skin without feeling heavy. Facial-grade ingredients make this all-over product a beautiful facial oil too; simply apply as little or liberally as you want, massage to distribute the oil, and give it a few minutes to sink in. A fast-absorbing formulation makes this fuss-free and leaves behind skin that feels rejuvenated, never sticky.
  • If you prefer a traditional body cream or love to layer your products, use Whipped Frosting Body Butter. Decadent, delightful, and truly a dream cream for all skin types, this lightweight body cream has been whipped to perfection and packed with a skin-loving blend of antioxidant oils and nutrient-dense butters. Like Botanical Radiance Oil, this leaves behind a non-greasy finish. Skin simply feels pampered with a hydrated, healthy-looking glow.
  • Keep Whipped Cloud Hand Cream within reach (in deskside, bedside, or in your bag) to help replenish skin after all the hand-washing and sanitizing.
  • Your feet need love and care, too. Pedikur Foot Balm smooths away dryness with a light, comfortable finish; plus, the infusion of Eucalyptus Essential Oil makes it such a treat for dry, achy feet. 


Exfoliation is that game-changing pick-me-up that gives you silky-smooth skin to the touch. By buffing away dulling dead skin cells and impurities that build up on the skin’s surface, you’re unveiling softer and renewed, refreshed skin—and in doing so, you’re maximizing the efficacy of any body care products after, too.  

  • Botanical Radiance Body Scrub helps transform skin from dry and lackluster to polished, silky-smooth perfection. Natural exfoliators help refine uneven texture and melt into a luxurious, moisturizing base of plant oils and Shea Butter. Dryness is whisked away to reveal softer, more luminous-looking skin.
  • Pedikur Foot Scrub is specifically designed to invigorate tired feet while improving the look of rough skin and stubborn calluses. Exfoliate one to three times a week for smoother soles and softer heels: the combination of exfoliation and comforting moisture is the perfect pre-pedicure treat. 


Don’t forget about your nails! Care for the same way you do your skin with essential hydration and regular exfoliation—which means:

  • Incorporating Nourishing Cuticle Oil or any nail moisturizer into your daily routine. Supercharged hydration helps prevent brittleness and breakage—which is crucial for healthy nail growth and maintaining strong, flexible nails.
  • Rejuvenate your nails and the surrounding skin using Soft Touch Nail Scrub and Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover one to two times a week (depending on your nail type). This helps smooth the area, remove dead skin cells and surface impurities (which enhances the absorption of your nail cream or hand cream), and clean up ragged, overgrown cuticles. 


With Love,

Team Londontown


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